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"Please take a moment to review the following service agreement before accepting quotes, as its terms and conditions will be binding upon acceptance."

A. The Client acknowledges that Bishop & Smith possess the necessary experience and capabilities to provide the services outlined in the quote.
B. Bishop & Smith agree to provide these services to the Client under the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement.

In consideration of the above, both the Client and Bishop & Smith agree as follows:

**Services to be provided:**

1. Upon accepting the quotation, the Client affirms having thoroughly reviewed and comprehended the conditions outlined in this service agreement. The agreement takes effect on the date of acceptance and remains applicable until the satisfactory completion of the services, with the provision for earlier termination as detailed within.
2. The Client engages Bishop & Smith for preparation and decorating services, as per the quotation. The commencement and completion dates will be confirmed with the Client through email.
3. Bishop & Smith will provide all necessary materials for the specified work.

**Terms of Agreement:**

4. The areas reviewed for the purpose of the quote are anticipated to retain their condition as appraised during the quoting process. The Client is kindly requested to promptly inform Bishop & Smith of any alterations or deterioration in these areas before the initiation of work, allowing for a re-evaluation of the quoted terms.
5. The client acknowledges the importance of ensuring the designated room is reasonably free of valuable personal belongings, and we commit to diligently covering and safeguarding any items that remain.

**Fees & Payments:**

6. The Client agrees to pay the total sum outlined in the quotation.
7. For jobs over £2000, a deposit of 10% is required to secure the job. This deposit is non-refundable should the Client choose to cancel at any time.
8. The Client will be invoiced separately for materials not explicitly outlined in the quotation but discussed and approved for the completion of the project. Any additional costs will be discussed and approved before implementation.
9. Invoices are due 7 days from sending, with late payments incurring an additional 10% fee.
10. Payment is preferred through bank transfer, with details provided on each invoice.
11. For larger jobs, payments may be invoiced in parts, with details provided in advance.
12. Bishop & Smith is responsible for all employee-related payments.


13. Bishop & Smith agrees not to disclose any confidential information about the Client.
14. All exchanged information remains confidential under this agreement.
15. The Client consents to the use of project photos for marketing, with personal information securely stored by Bishop & Smith.

**Ownership of Intellectual Property:**

16. Intellectual property, including but not limited to photos, logos, and pricing calculations, remains the exclusive property of Bishop & Smith. The Client acknowledges and agrees that any use, reproduction, or distribution of such intellectual property requires prior written consent from Bishop & Smith.

**Capacity of Work:**

17. Bishop & Smith works independently and is not an employee of the Client.
18. Working hours may vary but will be communicated to the Client.

**Dispute Resolution & Guarantee:**

19. Disputes will be resolved through consultation, mediation, and, if necessary, binding arbitration.
20. Bishop & Smith cannot offer a guarantee for the completed work; the methods used adhere to the manufacturer's specifications. Any failures of products, especially but not limited to exterior applications affected by weather conditions, are beyond our control. Complaints related to product performance should be directed to the product manufacturer.
21. Once the work is completed, and it has been agreed that the work meets the Client's satisfaction, any deterioration resulting from the products themselves or the canvas/structure to which the products are applied is outside of the Service Provider's control. Bishop & Smith may assist with any complaints raised but cannot accept liability for faulty products or deterioration due to materials or structural issues not identified before seeking decorating services.

**Specialist Advice on Dampness:**

22. Bishop & Smith acknowledges that it is not a specialist in dampness-related issues. While we can provide advice on the best course of action and recommend products that may enhance breathability within a surface, it is essential to note that any damp-related problems require the expertise of a specialist. We strongly recommend that the Client consults with a specialist to address and rectify any damp issues before the completion of our work. Bishop & Smith may provide additional information upon request.

**Assignment of Work:**

23. Bishop & Smith will not assign or transfer obligations without Client consent.

**Modification of Agreement:**

24. Any amendments must be in writing and signed by both parties.

**Preferred Method of Communication:**

25. Invoices will be delivered via email, and project-related communication will occur through email and messaging services.

Thank You
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